The Meredith Mart was established in 2023 with a view to ease the cost of living pressures in our Community as well as provide a convenience service for pantry staples. Since its opening, we have seen many of our community members able to secure healthy food for their families and enabled them to put a meal on the table.
We have partnered with Foodbank who supply our food at a discounted cost, allowing us to feed our community.
We have also been able to source fresh food from the Ballarat Foodbank Hub and over Christmas we eased the burden of many families by supply of fresh vegetables and fruist as well as frozen goods.
We are always looking at expanding our offerings and hope to be able to offer frozen goods in the near future.
We thank Foodbank, The Meredith Primary School, Ballarat Fundraising Charity and the Golden Plains Shire for their assistance in getting our project up and running, allowing our Community the opportunity to feed their families during this difficult time.