As a community organisation we are only as strong as our supporters and our members form part of this support.
As the Meredith Community Centre is an Incorporated Association, we are required to have a membership base which is essential to our success. We draw our Committee of Management from our membership base. We value the huge contribution made by you in the operations of the Centre and the contribution this makes to the local community.
Membership of the Association is offered to all those over the age of 18 from Meredith and surrounding communities and other interested persons.

We would love for you to join us!

- Nominate and elect Members for the Committee of Management
- Attend our AGM (and vote after 4 or more months of continuous Membership
- Receive our Newsletter and program brochure, along with any other material regarding upcoming events and activities at the Meredith Community Centre
- Our Members also have the knowledge that they are supporting their local Neighbourhood House and as a result, are supporting their local community.

We also welcome your ideas and suggestions for programmes and activities at the Centre.
If you have a skill you would like to share we would love to hear from you!


The cost of membership is FREE and is due on April 30 of each year.

Please click here to contact us to enquire about becoming a member