About us

About who are we?

Meredith Community Centre, Inc. is located in a rural farming district between Ballarat and Geelong. It is part of the Golden Plains Shire and together, with the other 13 Community and Neighbourhood Houses in the Central Grampians Region, we provide a wide range of courses, services and activities for people of all ages and from a broad section of cultural and social backgrounds and abilities. We are a not for profit incorporated association, managed by a voluntary Committee of Management and a team of great staff.

About us and what do we do?

Meredith Community Centre is a Neighbourhood House funded through the Department of Health and Human Service Neighbourhood House Coordination Program (NHCP)  and a member of Learn Local – a network of over 300 not-for-profit organisations across Victoria offering adult community education and training to people from all walks of life.

The courses, activities and services we offer at the Centre aim to provide for the educational, social, recreational and health needs of all members of our community. Classes are designed to encourage community based learning in a friendly and welcoming environment. With our motto being “Working for our Community” our focus is to provide opportunities so people can build social connections and networks and develop a sense of community spirit.

In addition to offering classes in Meredith, we are working with the Bannockburn Cultural Hub to also outsource some of our classes to be held in this venue as well.

Our Committee

The community-based Committee of Management is made up of Members of the Association who are elected at the Annual General Meeting usually held in April each year. The Committee has a governance role and is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organization and developing its Policies and Procedures.

The role of the committee of management is to:

  • determine strategic direction and policies for the Centre programs, practices and processes that encourage participation by a wide range of individuals from the community
  • carry out the responsibilities as an employer including recruitment, ensure the legal accepted responsibilities of an employer are carried out
  • determine clear arrangements for the accountability, management and support of staff and volunteers.

The Committee meets monthly. We welcome members of the Community who may be interested in being on the Committee.

Our Members

As a community organisation we are only as strong as our supporters and our members are part of this support.  As an Incorporated Association we are required to have a membership base and this is essential to our success. We draw our Committee of Management from the membership base. We value the huge contribution made by you in the operations of the Centre and the contribution this makes to the local community. Membership of the Association is offered to all those over the age of 18 from Meredith and surrounding communities and other interested persons. We would love you to join us.

Please contact us to enquire about becoming a member. The cost of membership is $5 per year due on January 1st of each year. Members also receive discounts on services at the Community Centre such as copying internet access and some classes.