Learn how to make a Sourdough Mother, a Yoghurt Mother, Lacto Fermented Pickles and a Kombucha Drink in this 3 hour class run by Narelle. Price includes a light lunch platter of home made goodies, plus, you get to take home everything you make in class!

Date: Friday March 1, 2019

Time: 10am – 1pm

Cost: $100

Meredith Community Centre

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Learn the Basics of Cheese making in this 3-4 hour class. Here you will learn how to make Labneh, Ricotta, Halloumi & Feta.

Classes are run by Narelle and include a light platter of home made goodies for lunch – the best part is that you get to take all of your cheese creations home!

Date: Friday March 29, 2019

Time: 10am – 2pm

Cost: $130

Meredith Community Centre

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Erin from Sticky Fingers Cooking School will teach your children to cook some delicious Chocolate Mousse Cakes in this class – They will make some new friends, learn basic kitchen skills and may even inspire a budding chef!

Date: Thursday March 28, 2019

Time:  4pm – 6pm

Cost: $25

Meredith Community Centre


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This course is designed for all people handling food in the Hospitality or Retail Food Industries.

SITXFSA001 – Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety

COST: $95

Ideal for those seeking work or working in the hospitality industry, intending to start their own restaurant/take away business, woprking with children/aged care workers, school canteens, people selling food at markets.

Nationally recognised for the Hospitality/Retail, Community and Health Services and Food Processing industries.

Upon enrolment you will receive a training and assessment pack. the assessment consists of a series of short answer questions and a case study to asses your knowledge and a practical skills checklist to be observed by a third party activity to asses your skills in handling food safely.

To begin your Food Handling Course please fill in the enrolment form at https://cft.com.au/hospitality-and-retail-industry-food-safety-courses/